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Competency development, business development and partnership on a global scale.

University College Lillebaelt is your global partner

University College Lillebaelt (UCL)  is engaged in developing projects in collaboration with private companies and organisations on a global scale.

Our focal point of interest takes its starting point in capacity building, training solutions and organisational development.

Educational export is at the forefront of our activities and we take pride in a thorough joint collaboration with our partners in order to reach a sustainable and qualified solution.

Solutions in education, business and healthcare

We specialise in teacher training, in-service-training, technical solutions for the health care sector and in tailor-made solutions for national and foreign companies, organisations and governments.

We collaborate with global partners and work on all continents.

Fundraising and networking

Fundraising and Networking are two essential components when it comes to generating projects and development.

The resources in the Capacity Building Unit opens the opportunity to collaborate with organizations and companies to generate new ventures. We have a network of similar units throughout the University College world nationally and the Universities of Applied Sciences internationally.

On this site you will able to explore some of our current activities and you are more than welcome to take up contact for further inquiries.


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